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Crossing Cultural Borders: 17 Insights from Americans on the Peculiarities They Find Most Unusual About the Rest of the World


"Unlocking Cultural Quirks: Insights from 17 Americans on the Peculiar Practices That Baffle Them About the Rest of the World

While acknowledging that every country, including the United States, has its unique attributes, Americans often find themselves puzzled by certain practices observed beyond their borders. When the question was posed on Reddit, "What’s something the rest of the world does that you find absurd?" a myriad of opinions surfaced. Here are some intriguing insights:

Lack of Window Screens in Europe: "I noticed a conspicuous lack of screens in windows while I was in Europe. It's so simple, and it prevents bugs. I was woken up by bugs in four separate European countries. Why?! You don't need to live like that."

DIY Apartments in Germany: "When you rent an apartment in Germany, it often doesn't come with light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc. You either have to purchase and install these yourself or hope the previous tenant is willing to sell theirs. In some cases, I would have had to supply and install my own flooring. It's wild."

Beverage Stinginess in Europe: "Y'all are unnecessarily stingy with the beverages at restaurants in Europe, especially in Belgium. You stop somewhere for dinner, and the server asks if you want water. After the awkward exchange about whether you want 'sparkling or still,' they come back with something the size of a toddler's sippy cup. If you finish it, they act surprised and offer more, as if drinking a normal amount is a feat."

Pay Toilets: "The concept of pay toilets."

Trash Can Toilet Paper Disposal: "Some countries throw toilet paper in the trash can, and that is horrifying."

Living Without AC: "How are y'all living without AC?"

Turd Shelves in the Netherlands: "Turd shelves. I’m looking at you, Netherlands."

These diverse observations shed light on the cultural disparities that captivate and perplex Americans, showcasing the fascinating tapestry of global customs."

"8. The Eurovision Mystery: "Honestly? I understand most of it. People are raised where they're raised. They eat food they know, watch entertainment that is local, follow the traditional sports in their neck of the world. I totally get that. I think people are the same the world over: They just want to have a good life and a better one for their kids. They don't want to be hungry or poor or unhoused. I get ALL that. What I don't get is Eurovision. What the actual fuck?"

Milk in a Bag: "An unconventional approach to milk packaging."

Norwegian Sunday Closures: "I wouldn't call this ‘absurd,’ but when I lived in Norway, I found out nearly every store closed all day on Sundays."

Global Smoking Trends: "That smoking is still so common. This goes for Europe, Asia, and South America. Probably other places, too. I know we in the US have since started embracing vaping, which is its own problem but at least we made cigarettes uncool. The rest of the world is dealing with both in huge numbers. There were a few glorious years in the US before vaping after cigarettes were uncool where almost no one smoked. That was amazing."

Korean Pizza Toppings: "The unique toppings they put on pizza in Korea."

Monarchies: "The existence and persistence of monarchies."

Disability Access: "Lack of disability access."

Iceless Drinks: "Not putting ice in drinks by default."

Tedious Laundry Machines: "Washers and dryers (and washer-dryers) that take three to five hours to complete a single small load of laundry. Seriously, how are you even able to get a reasonable amount done? If you ask me, any set that consistently takes longer than two hours to complete what it considers a full load isn't worth the parts it was built with."

Enviable Vacation Time: "The vacation and time off in other countries. It's wild to me — but holy cow, am I jealous."

Americans, is there something the rest of the world does that you find absurd? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below."

"As we delve into the diverse perspectives of Americans encountering the quirks of the world beyond their borders, it becomes clear that cultural differences spark both amusement and bewilderment. From the Eurovision enigma to milk in bags, Sunday store closures in Norway, and the lingering prevalence of smoking globally, each observation paints a unique facet of cross-cultural intrigue. The peculiarities extend to pizza toppings in Korea, the endurance of monarchies, challenges in disability access, the absence of ice in drinks, and the seemingly tedious nature of laundry machines abroad.

Yet, amidst the head-scratching moments, there's a universal acknowledgment that people, fundamentally, share common aspirations for a good life and a brighter future. As the discussion unfolds, it leaves us pondering the rich tapestry of global diversity and the delightful perplexities that make our world both fascinating and wonderfully perplexing. To our American audience: What peculiar practices have you encountered abroad that left you scratching your head? Share your insights and reflections in the comments below as we continue to explore the captivating intricacies of cultural exchange."