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Indulgent Investments: 22 Personal Luxuries People Swear By as Absolutely Worth Every Penny


"Budgets Be Damned: 22 Splurges Buzzfeed Community Members Swear Are Worth Every Penny"

In a departure from recent discussions on cutting expenses, I decided to explore the flip side and asked the BuzzFeed Community about their unabashed splurges—those items, big or small, that they willingly invest in and believe are absolutely worth the cost. Below, 22 individuals share their indulgences, ranging from the practical to the downright luxurious:

A mattress and bedframeA weekly lunch dateA vacuumShoesUpright freezer and food vacuum sealerConcertsUnderwearPillowsTattoosClothesLubeHobbiesCoffee creamersA winter coatLuggagePerfumes/colognesLED light bulbsRecord playerGetting hair professionally dyedKitchenAid Stand MixerTravelingAnd lastly, an espresso setupDiscover the guilty pleasures and non-negotiables that these individuals prioritize, proving that sometimes, the joy derived from a well-spent dollar is truly priceless.

In the diverse array of responses from the BuzzFeed Community, one common thread emerges—the conviction that certain expenditures, whether lavish or pragmatic, hold a value that transcends mere monetary considerations. These 22 individuals have illuminated the unique and personal choices they make when it comes to indulging in life's pleasures. From the everyday comfort of a quality mattress to the thrill of live concerts, from the self-expression of tattoos to the sophisticated hum of an espresso setup, these splurges reflect the individuality and priorities of each contributor.

In a world often focused on budget cuts and financial prudence, these personal investments stand as a testament to the belief that certain experiences and possessions are simply worth the extra cost. Whether it's the sensory satisfaction of a luxurious winter coat or the joy derived from spinning vinyl on a record player, these splurges become not just purchases but intentional investments in personal well-being and happiness. In the end, this diverse compilation reminds us that finding balance in spending involves not just restraint but also recognizing and celebrating the worth of those indulgences that bring genuine fulfillment and joy.