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"The Penny Method": Unveiling the Disturbing Trend Sweeping Modern Dating, a Phenomenon Even More Perplexing Than Ghosting


Unmasking "The Penny Method": A Disturbing Dating Trend That's More Sinister Than Ghosting

I want to start off by expressing my sympathy to all the women navigating the perplexing world of dating in 2023. This article may not offer solace regarding the current state of dating culture, but it will undoubtedly heighten your awareness. No blindsiding in 2024, ladies. Brace yourselves for today's episode of "Reasons to be Scared of Men," featuring the ominous "Penny Method."

This insidious manipulation tactic came to my attention via a TikTok video by Erika Tham, a 23-year-old singer and songwriter based in Toronto. In the video, Erika recounts a conversation with a male friend who enlightened her about this unsettling dating technique. "Imagine a girl is a piggy bank," she explained. "Initially, to capture her interest, you shower her with $100 bills. But maintaining that level of effort is taxing, so you gradually decrease it to $90. She'll notice the dip in effort, but it's only 10%, making her seem unreasonable if she brings it up at this stage."

"Now, here's the twisted part. Next, you bump it back up to $95. Instead of feeling a loss of $5, which she would if you went directly from $100 to $95, she suddenly feels like she's gained $5. Meanwhile, you're still putting in 5% less effort. The cycle continues until you're giving her pennies, and she's thrilled to receive a nickel."

The realization that men might entertain such tactics is chilling. Is this some form of boyish arithmetic? Whatever it is, it's unsettling. The takeaway here, ladies, is to never settle for anything less than $100 bills.

Intrigued and disturbed, I delved deeper into this "methodology" by reaching out to Erika. Was her friend truly guilty of penny-ing, and is this a widespread trend? "Hahaha, I hate to call him out, but yes, he admitted to doing it in the past. However, he now recognizes it's wrong," Erika shared with BuzzFeed. "He confirmed knowing guys who employ this tactic, some even unaware that their actions have a name."

WOW. After absorbing all this information, all I can say is, "Wow." Dating may be known for its toxicity, but "The Penny Method" takes manipulation to a whole new level. Stay vigilant out there, ladies.

I couldn't help but wonder how Erika, someone who had experienced being penny'd herself, would counsel women on safeguarding against "The Penny Method." Her response shed light on the insidious subtlety of this tactic. "What’s so terrifying about 'The Penny Method' is how subtle it is. It's the kind of manipulation that makes you second-guess your instincts, leaving you to wonder if you're reading too much into things. Once I became aware of the method, recognizing the signs became much clearer. That's why I created the TikTok – I wanted other women to be informed too!"

While this revelation may have added a new layer of concern to my ever-expanding list, I am genuinely thankful to Erika for exposing the schemes of these modern-day fuckboys. Follow @erikatham on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat for more eye-opening content.

In conclusion, Erika Tham's revelation about "The Penny Method" has unveiled a disconcerting facet of modern dating, one that operates in the shadows of subtlety. The insidious nature of this manipulation tactic makes it particularly challenging for women to trust their instincts, introducing a new layer of anxiety to the already complex landscape of relationships.

Erika's candid acknowledgment of having been penny'd herself highlights the importance of awareness and education. By sharing her experience on platforms like TikTok, she empowers women to recognize the signs of such manipulative behavior. It serves as a collective wake-up call, encouraging a community of women to trust their instincts and not dismiss subtle shifts in effort within a relationship.

While the existence of "The Penny Method" may be disheartening, Erika's efforts to expose it bring a silver lining. Her willingness to confront this unsettling trend head-on contributes to a broader conversation about healthy dating dynamics. In a world where the intricacies of relationships are ever-evolving, Erika's insight serves as a beacon of vigilance, reminding women to stay informed, trust their instincts, and navigate the dating landscape with resilience.

As we navigate the twists and turns of modern romance, let Erika's revelation be a reminder to stay empowered, stay informed, and never settle for anything less than the genuine and reciprocal connection we all deserve.