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Revelations of Coexistence: Women Unveil Surprising Insights About Men Post Moving-In Experiences


"Insights into Coexistence: Women Reveal Amusing and Eye-Opening Discoveries About Living with Men"

Growing up with an older brother and sharing living space with a male roommate offered me a glimpse into the peculiar world of cohabitation with men. Curious to explore common threads in this experience, I reached out to the vibrant BuzzFeed Community, inviting women to share their revelations about guys after sharing living quarters. The responses I received ranged from hilariously relatable to head-nodding affirmations. Here's a sneak peek into what some women had to say:

The Mystery of Misplaced Items:

"I do not understand how we both live in the same house, with the same kitchen, and he still can't find shit. Or put it away where it has gone for the six years we have lived here. Seriously, my love, the Crockpot is in the same cupboard on the same shelf it has always been."

The Volume of Vociferousness:

"I’ve found that men are loud. Like, really loud. Even if nobody is over, then they’ll be screaming at the TV. It's so funny but annoying at the same time."

The Art of Mindless Activities:

"The amount of time they spend doing mindless activities like playing video games or just hanging out in the garage with their tools. I’m not sure how much time can be spent in the garage or on the toilet. Blew my mind."

Hygiene Habits Unveiled:

"I’m a registered nurse, and once my boyfriend and I moved in together, I realized he doesn’t wash his hands very well. I witnessed him only wash his fingertips for what seemed to be, like, legit three seconds, and BOOM, he’s done! He still does that to this day; it’s so gross to me."

The Skincare Saga:

"No skincare routine. My husband rarely washes his face (he rarely breaks out) and doesn’t use any type of lotion. It’s maddening. I wash my face morning and night followed by serums, eye creams, and moisturizer. I don’t understand how he doesn’t look or feel like Death Valley."

Prioritizing Peculiar Spaces:

"Never mind the living room or dining room that we would be entertaining in, he’d head for the Legos and dust bunnies behind the couch in the family room. Thanksgiving? Time to tidy the deck or patio so that nobody will be due to Midwest temps. Birthday party? Better get the garage sorted, even though the party’s in the back!"

These anecdotes offer a glimpse into the delightful quirks and surprises that unfold when women share living spaces with their male counterparts. From organizational mysteries to volume preferences and peculiar priorities, the cohabitation journey proves to be an endlessly fascinating adventure.

The Mystery of Disappearing Items:

"How many items get lost or broken when it comes to guys. I've had three guy roommates, all at different times, and several of my dishes and flatware have just disappeared. Plus, not doing dishes until there is nothing left to eat with. I ended up buying a whole new set of flatware so I had forks and spoons. Also, all of them did laundry, like, EVERY DAY! What were you washing every day? When my last roommate moved out, my heating bill dramatically dropped. Although I'm still good friends with my last roommate, I'm happy to have my own space again."

Petty Acts of Roommate Drama:

"I learned that men can be just about as petty as you can imagine. I remained friends with a male roommate’s girlfriend after they broke up, a friendship he encouraged when they began dating, mind you. He got upset that we were still hanging out even though she never came over to our house. So upset that he moved his 72-inch television out of the living room and into his bedroom so that I couldn’t watch it. Not to mention that this meant our other male roommates no longer had access to a common room television."

Unexpected Attentiveness:

"How attentive they are! I always have a full water, socks on my feet, and the light turned on right before I notice I need it. There’s NyQuil next to me if I’m just starting to feel stuffy and coffee waiting if I have an early morning. Every year we live together, it gets better and better. I just never knew that men were so observant. Also, how can they notice if I am running low on cotton pads but not see all the beard hair in their sink?"

Oily Skin Surprises:

"Men's skin can be so oily that it damages fabric. My husband showers every day, but white sheets will turn yellow over time (yes, I wash them regularly!) from him laying in them, and I had to throw away a cute upholstered headboard because it developed a grease mark from his hair touching it at night. I learned to always buy him a green toothbrush or else he won't remember which one is his and he'll accidentally use mine. Also, men can love cute things as much as women. When we adopted our first kitten together, he was obsessed! He genuinely enjoys the whimsical decor I've put in our home."

The Art of Switching Off:

"How they can turn their brains off! I always have an inner monologue and thoughts running a mile a minute, but my husband and son can just decide to turn that bit of their thought process off."

Anatomy Amusement:

"They have no idea how the menstrual cycle works, and female anatomy in general is alien to them."

These candid and diverse observations shed light on the intricacies of living with men, from the mundane mysteries of disappearing items to unexpected acts of attentiveness and the amusing quirks that make cohabitation both challenging and delightful.

Surviving the Chaos of Siblinghood:

"I grew up in a house with three boys. I had to hide food deep in the pantry if I didn’t want them to get to it first. The bathroom always reeked of pee. I don’t miss it."

A Harmonious Home Beyond Expectations:

"I grew up with older brothers and my father. I always thought I would never want to live with a boy again after that for the 'usual' reasons. My now-husband is nothing like the men I grew up living with. We are very much on the same page with how we like to live and keep house. There is no arguing over beard shavings, toilet seats, dirty dishes, etc. It's peaceful and comfortable. I learned that a healthy relationship with good communication means there doesn't need to be any unnecessary tension. If I don't like that he left his socks on the floor, I just tell him, and he puts them in the hamper. He is incredibly respectful, very different from the men I was raised around."

Understanding the Currency of Appreciation:

"Men get their sense of value from different things than women, and in different ways. They want to know that the things they do (work, achievements, effort) no matter how small, are seen and appreciated and that you respect them because of it."

Tidiness Revelation:

"My husband is a lot tidier than I am. I didn’t even realize what a slob I was until we started living together when we were dating. He may not be aware of this, but that realization is what helped motivate me to be tidier, and I continue to be because of him almost 13 years later."

The Pleasant Surprise of Partnership:

"So I just got married and was prepared from the horror stories my friends had told me: 'They don’t clean, never cook, just watch TV, etc.' So I come home after a LONG day at work, and what do I see? My husband had cleaned, cooked my favorite food, and gave me a massage all while watching TV."

These diverse experiences paint a vivid picture of the spectrum of living with men — from the challenges of growing up with brothers to the unexpected joys of finding harmony with a life partner. Each story reflects the unique dynamics and lessons that arise from cohabitation, highlighting the nuances of relationships and the surprises that make the journey both unpredictable and rewarding.

In the myriad tales of cohabitation shared by women, a fascinating tapestry of experiences emerges, showcasing the diverse facets of living with men. From the chaos of growing up in a household filled with brothers to the harmonious surprises of adult partnerships, these stories paint a nuanced picture of the dynamics that unfold within shared living spaces.

Some recount the challenges of hiding food from voracious siblings or dealing with perpetual bathroom odors, while others find unexpected joy in the tidiness and respect of their life partners. The narratives highlight the importance of communication and mutual understanding in fostering a peaceful home, where trivial disagreements transform into opportunities for growth and compromise.

Among the revelations is the recognition that men derive their sense of value from unique sources, seeking acknowledgment for their efforts and achievements. The stories emphasize the significance of appreciation in nurturing healthy relationships and understanding the different currencies that contribute to a sense of fulfillment.

As the accounts unfold, a common theme emerges — the transformative power of cohabitation. Whether it's the realization of personal habits, the evolution of tidiness standards, or the pleasant surprises of a thoughtful partner, living with men becomes a journey of self-discovery and mutual adaptation.

In the end, these anecdotes collectively celebrate the complexity and beauty found in the everyday moments of shared living. They remind us that, beyond the stereotypes and preconceived notions, the experience of cohabiting with men is a rich and ever-evolving tapestry of challenges, growth, and the enduring joy of finding harmony in the midst of life's delightful chaos.