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Love's Many Chapters: A Closer Look at 9 Celebs with Three or More Marriages, and the 9 Stars Who Found Forever in a Single Union


"Exploring Love's Odyssey: A Glimpse into Celebrity Marriages

Jennifer Lopez (Four Times): A testament to the ebbs and flows of love, J.Lo has ventured into matrimony four times.

John Legend (One Time): The EGOT winner keeps it simple with a single chapter of marital bliss.

Nicolas Cage (Five Times): Cage's romantic journey is a rollercoaster, with five unions etched into his love story.

Jessica Alba (One Time): The actress found lasting love in her first marriage.

Kim Kardashian (Three Times): Reality TV royalty, Kim K, navigated the complexities of love three times.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (One Time): The "Modern Family" star opted for a singular vow of everlasting commitment.

Tom Cruise (Three Times): Cruise's love life has seen three different chapters, each with its own story.

Beyoncé (One Time): Queen Bey keeps it regal with a single walk down the aisle.

Pamela Anderson (Four or Five Times?): The count might be uncertain, but Anderson's matrimonial journey is undoubtedly fascinating.

Henry Golding (One Time): The "Crazy Rich Asians" heartthrob chose a path of simplicity in marriage.

Eva Longoria (Three Times): The "Desperate Housewives" star has experienced love's highs and lows three times.

Ellen DeGeneres (One Time): Comedic genius Ellen found her forever in a single union.

Halle Berry (Three Times): The Oscar-winning actress embarked on the journey of marriage three times.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (One Time): The "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star staked her claim in a single marriage.

Scarlett Johansson (Three Times): The Avengers' star has had three chapters in the book of love.

Rita Wilson (One Time): The actress and singer found lifelong companionship in a single marriage.

Larry King (Eight Times to Seven Women): The late Larry King's love story is a prolific novel with eight marriages to seven different women.

Denzel Washington (One Time): The esteemed actor has kept his marital journey succinct with one enduring union.

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