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Los Angeles is once again in a feud with New York over bagels.


A resident of Los Angeles has sparked outrage among New Yorkers after documenting his unsuccessful attempt to order a scooped bagel during his visit to the city.

One Angeleno's quest for a scooped bagel in New York has set the internet abuzz, reigniting the age-old cultural rivalry between the two cities.

A Los Angeles resident and founder of the clothing brand Taylor Offer posted a TikTok video last week recounting his attempt to order a gluten-free scooped bagel during his visit to New York.

According to him, back home, he could walk into any bagel shop, and his request would not raise any eyebrows or frightened looks. But there is "nothing more stressful" than trying to do the same thing in the "Big Apple."

"The guy just looks at me and says, 'Dude, I'm not gonna scoop your damn bagel, bro,'" Offer said in the video, which garnered over 8 million views in three days. "Dude, I want it scooped."

Many who came across his post noted that they had never heard of a scooped bagel before – a bagel hollowed out from the inside, leaving only the outer shell, often done to reduce calorie and carbohydrate intake – but that was after they learned what it was. Apparently, the bagel shop employee was right to reject his request.

"I'm Team Bagel Shop," commented a user, receiving over 125,000 likes. "Scooping a bagel is a crime."

"Did his girlfriend scoop it for him?" another viewer wrote. "I feel like at that point, you just need to admit you don't really want the bagel at all."

Some commentators likened the concept of scooped bagels to ordering a muffin only to eat the wrapper or discarding the top of a muffin, leaving only the stump.

The audacity of suggesting such a bagel quickly sparked outrage on the internet. In a viral post X, where his video was shared, it stated that the city needed to start "deporting Californians at the border." Many joked that the directive was so harsh it could be considered a crime.

"Californians need to leave New York with this nonsense about 'scooped bagels,'" one user wrote. "Be a man. Get a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Maybe even throw some pancakes in there."

The video also spread to Reddit and ended up in the r/TikTokCringe community, garnering massive support for the bagel shop worker.

"Protect all bagels from this Los-Demonic monster," a Reddit user wrote in the thread.

Offer seems to be playing into the discourse against Los Angeles even more, further annoying his viewers by posting more videos comparing the two cities – claiming that Los Angeles is more fashionable and offers better nightlife, and lamenting the relative lack of alternative milk choices at New York's coffee shops.

Some began to suspect he was playing a character.

"This could be a character: the guy who thinks Los Angeles is the greatest place on Earth," one commentator wrote, adding, "If it wasn't before, it is now."

Offer did not immediately respond to requests for comment. But regardless of whether his later videos were satirical, he eventually got his scooped bagel.

"You get less bagel, you get more cream cheese. Look at the cream cheese to bagel ratio," he said, pointing to his bagel on camera before taking a bite. "Oh wow. This is exactly what we were looking for."