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Unveiling Unsettling Moments: Andy Cohen Recalls a 'Creepy' Encounter with Britney Spears Amidst Her Conservatorship


In a candid revelation on his SiriusXM radio show, Andy Cohen shed light on a disconcerting encounter with Britney Spears during her conservatorship years. Recounting the unsettling episode, Cohen refrained from naming the enigmatic figure exerting control over Britney, but speculation points towards Robin Greenhill, a Tri Star Sports and Entertainment executive, mentioned frequently in Britney's new memoir, The Woman in Me.

The interview transpired in 2016, amidst Britney's promotion of her ninth studio album, Glory. Cohen disclosed a prior warning about a constant companion by Britney's side, dictating her actions and movements as a consequence of the conservatorship. Describing the scene, Cohen expressed, "I get there and this woman was there, and it was like Britney was her captive—she was her captor."

Despite Britney's outspoken resentment towards this unnamed woman, disclosed in her memoir, Cohen hesitated to utter the name to avoid potential legal repercussions. The host vividly remembered observing the woman incessantly whispering directives into Britney's ear before she could respond to any questions, characterizing the encounter as "really creepy."

These revelations surfaced a year after reports suggested that Robin Greenhill had allegedly caused delays in Britney's conservatorship hearing. Additional accusations hinted at her involvement in monitoring Britney's private messages and facilitating the mirroring of Britney's iCloud account, allowing her father/conservator, Jamie Spears, unprecedented access to observe Britney's every move.

Britney, ensnared in the conservatorship since February 2008 under the control of her father and attorney Andrew Wallet, endured 13 years of restricted autonomy over her finances and assets. Andy Cohen's account adds another layer to the complex narrative surrounding Britney Spears, offering a glimpse into the control and scrutiny she faced during a significant period of her life. For a comprehensive understanding of Cohen's interview with Britney, tune in to the broadcast for further insights.

In Andy Cohen's revelation about his disquieting encounter with Britney Spears during her conservatorship, a chilling narrative unfolds, shedding light on the control and manipulation she endured. Cohen's vivid recollection of Britney's alleged captivity by an unnamed woman, suspected to be Robin Greenhill, paints a disturbing picture of the dynamics at play during the promotion of Glory in 2016.

As Britney's narrative unfolds in her memoir, The Woman in Me, and Cohen's account aligns with her expressed disdain for this mysterious figure, the deeply troubling nature of the conservatorship comes into sharper focus. The host's decision not to disclose the woman's name hints at potential legal complexities, underscoring the delicate and contentious nature of Britney's battle for autonomy.

The revelation comes against a backdrop of earlier reports implicating Robin Greenhill in obstructing Britney's conservatorship hearings and engaging in invasive monitoring practices, intensifying the scrutiny over Britney's private life. The echoes of control and surveillance depicted by Cohen amplify the gravity of Britney's 13-year struggle within the confines of the conservatorship, managed by her father and attorney.

Andy Cohen's account adds a crucial layer to the ongoing public discourse surrounding Britney's conservatorship, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes manipulation and constraint she faced. As listeners delve into the broadcast for further insights, the revelation serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges Britney Spears endured and the complex road to reclaiming control over her own life.