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Aubrey O'Day Speaks Out on Diddy's Rape and Abuse Allegations: 'Been Tryna Tell Y'all For Years'


"Aubrey O'Day Opens Up About Turbulent Times with Diddy and Danity Kane"

In a candid revelation, Aubrey O'Day, former member of Danity Kane, has shed light on the challenges she faced during her time with the group under the mentorship of Diddy. Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, O'Day disclosed that she believes she was dismissed from Danity Kane because she refused to comply with expectations beyond her regular work duties, alluding to implied sexual favors.

Reflecting on her experiences, O'Day expressed conflicting sentiments about her tenure with Danity Kane, acknowledging the impact of Diddy's mentorship on her success while describing the overall experience as "torture." She emphasized the divisive atmosphere within the group, citing mind games, betrayal, and lies orchestrated by those in charge.

Notably, O'Day claimed that Diddy made disparaging comments about the group members' bodies, fostering insecurities and questioning their self-worth. In a time before the #MeToo movement, she highlighted the lack of protection and the restrictive nature of contracts that silenced individuals.

These revelations resurface in the aftermath of Cassie's recent allegations against Diddy, accusing him of rape and abuse throughout their 10-year relationship. Cassie, who dated Diddy from 2005 to 2018, has filed a lawsuit, breaking years of silence and darkness to share her story and advocate for other women facing violence and abuse in relationships.

Aubrey O'Day's candid account adds another layer to the ongoing discourse surrounding Diddy's behavior, highlighting the complex dynamics within the music industry and the need for accountability and support for those who have faced mistreatment.

"Diddy Denies Cassie's Allegations, Citing Blackmail, as Aubrey O'Day's Past Remarks Resurface"

Diddy's attorney, Ben Brafman, has vehemently denied the recent allegations made by Cassie Ventura, stating that Diddy rejects the claims as "offensive and outrageous." According to Brafman, Cassie had persistently demanded $30 million from Diddy over the past six months, threatening to write a damaging book about their relationship. Diddy reportedly rejected this demand, viewing it as blatant blackmail. Despite withdrawing her initial threat, Cassie has now filed a lawsuit that Diddy's team deems "riddled with baseless and outrageous lies" aimed at damaging his reputation and securing financial compensation.

While the statement from Diddy's representative did not address Aubrey O'Day's past claims against the music mogul, fans were quick to highlight them in the wake of the recent lawsuit.

Aubrey O'Day, in response to the unfolding events, took to her Instagram story, reiterating her previous sentiments: "Been tryna tell y'all for years. Prayers up for this queen @Cassie." O'Day's reaction adds a layer of acknowledgment to her past assertions and extends support to Cassie amidst the legal and public scrutiny.

As the legal battle unfolds, the resurfacing of Aubrey O'Day's remarks and her solidarity with Cassie underscore the complexities surrounding allegations against prominent figures in the entertainment industry, prompting discussions about accountability and the treatment of individuals who come forward with their stories.

In the ongoing saga surrounding Diddy and the recent allegations made by Cassie Ventura, the narrative takes a turn with Diddy's attorney vehemently denying the claims, characterizing them as part of a $30 million extortion attempt. The legal battle is marked by conflicting statements, with Diddy's team asserting that Cassie's lawsuit is filled with baseless and outrageous lies aimed at tarnishing Diddy's reputation.

As this legal drama unfolds, Aubrey O'Day's past remarks resurface, adding a layer of complexity to the discourse. Fans quickly point out O'Day's previous claims against Diddy, and her response on Instagram underscores a sense of validation: "Been tryna tell y'all for years. Prayers up for this queen @Cassie."

The unfolding events not only put a spotlight on the intricacies of high-profile legal battles but also highlight the dynamics of power, accountability, and the challenges faced by those who come forward with their stories. The support extended by O'Day to Cassie adds a layer of solidarity in an industry where speaking out against powerful figures often comes with its own set of complexities and repercussions. As the legal proceedings continue, the public remains engaged in a conversation about the importance of listening to survivors and the broader implications of holding influential individuals accountable for their actions.