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Unraveling the Past: Exploring the 2015 Connection Between Matt Rife and Zendaya and Its Current Circulation


"Controversial Comedy: Matt Rife Faces Backlash Over Problematic Joke in Netflix Special"

Comic Matt Rife finds himself in hot water this week as criticism mounts following the release of his Netflix special, Natural Selection. The controversy centers around the opening joke, where Rife delves into a problematic bit about domestic violence, specifically targeting Baltimore. The routine takes a troubling turn as he jokes about a hostess with a "black eye" and suggests she should be hidden in the kitchen if she can't cook.

What adds a layer of irony to the situation is that Rife gained popularity through TikTok, where he built a substantial fanbase, largely comprising women. However, despite this support, Rife seems to harbor resentment about being favored by women, claiming in a Variety interview that his Netflix special is "way more for guys." This assertion has only intensified the backlash, with social media users accusing him of resorting to misogyny and attempting to cater to a stereotypical fraternity audience.

Rife's response to the criticism has only fueled the controversy. His seemingly nonchalant attitude extended to posting a link to his "official apology" on Instagram, redirecting users to a medical shop's page for "special needs helmets." This move sparked accusations of using ableism as an attempt to appear "edgy."

As the backlash continues, it has resurfaced past behavior from Rife, highlighting an incident from 2015 on the MTV show Wild 'N Out. In that episode, Rife exhibited what is now described as "trash" behavior towards Zendaya, as he attempted to make her laugh in a challenge, prompting a broader conversation about Rife's past actions and current controversial comedy.

"Zendaya's Unsettling Encounter with Matt Rife Resurfaces from Wild 'N Out Days"

As controversy swirls around comedian Matt Rife's recent Netflix special, a resurfaced incident from his past on the MTV show Wild 'N Out adds another layer to the conversation. In a 2015 episode, when Zendaya was 18 and primarily known for her Disney Channel role, Rife engaged in a cringe-worthy attempt at humor.

Approaching Zendaya with misplaced confidence, Rife introduced himself as Nick Cannon before retracting and boldly proclaiming, "I’m Matt motherfucking Rife, alright!" In an uncomfortable attempt at humor, he remarked on Zendaya's mixed-race background, suggesting they make a "lifestyle movie." When Zendaya remained unresponsive, Rife escalated the situation by grabbing her chin and demanding she spit out water so he could get her number.

Zendaya's teammates swiftly came to her defense, with one vocalizing their disapproval of Rife's actions. Despite Zendaya wagging her finger in disapproval, Rife insisted that he hadn't touched her and claimed she could handle herself. The discomfort resonated not only with the audience but also with the cast, with one member acknowledging in a confessional that Rife had crossed a line.

Although neither Zendaya nor Rife has publicly addressed the incident, the resurfacing of this uncomfortable encounter has left fans horrified. Social media reactions express disdain for Rife's behavior, with users recalling the incident and condemning his actions. Rife, as of now, has not responded to the latest backlash, and inquiries to his representative by BuzzFeed remain unanswered. The unsettling episode serves as a reminder of the importance of revisiting past behaviors and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, the resurfacing of Matt Rife's uncomfortable encounter with Zendaya from his Wild 'N Out days adds a troubling dimension to the recent controversy surrounding his Netflix special. The incident, marked by inappropriate comments and unwanted physical contact, reflects a pattern of behavior that has not gone unnoticed by fans and critics alike.

The lack of public acknowledgment or apology from either Zendaya or Rife leaves the incident lingering in the public consciousness, contributing to the ongoing scrutiny of Rife's actions. Social media reactions emphasize a collective disapproval of Rife's past behavior, with users expressing disappointment and disdain.

As the spotlight intensifies on accountability in the entertainment industry, this unsettling episode serves as a poignant reminder of the need to address and learn from past transgressions. The lack of commentary from Rife amid the renewed backlash underscores the challenging conversations surrounding personal growth, accountability, and the broader implications of past actions on one's present reputation.