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Inside Margot Robbie's Husband's Rare Perspective on 24/7 Together Time


Since the whirlwind of "Barbenheimer" during the 2024 awards season, Margot Robbie has been relishing a well-deserved break from the limelight. Now, in a rare interview, her husband Tom Ackerley offers a glimpse into their cherished relationship away from the Hollywood bustle. Tom, largely behind-the-scenes in Hollywood, first met Margot on the set of "Suite Française" in 2014, where she starred as Celine and he worked as an assistant director. The couple, who secretly wed in 2016, also co-founded LuckyChap Entertainment with friends, producing notable films like "Barbie," "I, Tonya," and "Saltburn.

Amid their private retreat from public gaze to focus on upcoming projects, Tom shared insights on their day-to-day life. In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, he revealed that they spend "24 hours a day" together but seamlessly navigate the balance between work and personal life. "It's all become one thing," Tom described their integrated approach, dismissing a strict divide between professional and personal spheres.

Despite their close collaboration, disagreements are minimal and often revolve around their differing cultural backgrounds—Margot, Australian, and Tom, British—playfully debating preferences for snacks like Penguins and Tim Tams. Nonetheless, Tom feels like an "honorary Aussie," and Margot, an "honorary Brit.

Away from Hollywood's glare, the couple is venturing into the alcohol industry with their new gin brand, Papa Salt. Margot finds the business more straightforward compared to the uncertainties of filmmaking, where success and reception are unpredictable. Reflecting on their marriage, Margot appreciates Tom's grounded approach, unaffected by Hollywood's extravagance, which she values immensely.

In their serene oasis from the industry's glare, Margot and Tom continue to nurture both their creative ventures and their enduring partnership, embodying a harmonious blend of personal and professional life.

I feel incredibly fortunate," Margot Robbie shared with E! News back in January, reflecting on the joys of being married to someone outside the spotlight. "He's happiest behind the scenes, completely unfazed by all the attention. He's simply the best." For more insights into their private life, check out Margot and Tom's full interview with the Sunday Times.

In conclusion, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley's relationship thrives on a blend of shared passion for filmmaking and a balanced personal life away from Hollywood's glare. Their partnership, marked by mutual respect and support, exemplifies a harmonious balance between their professional endeavors and private happiness. As they continue to navigate both the challenges and successes of their careers, their bond remains a testament to finding joy and stability amidst the demands of the entertainment industry.