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A French museum, Grévin, took to heart comments from Dwayne Johnson and social media protests regarding the poorly crafted wax figure of the star.


Within 24 hours, artists at the museum updated the figure by giving it a slightly darker skin tone using careful oil painting strokes. However, Johnson's suburban dad-style costume remained unchanged.

"We found his reaction to be quite friendly when he mentioned that his figure was indeed whiter than it should have been," said Veronica Béret, the head of the museum's public relations department, who has worked at the iconic museum for over four decades and closely collaborated with people like Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, and Donald Sutherland on their wax figures.

"Unfortunately, we did not get to meet Dwayne Johnson in person, so we relied on several photos, but as it turns out, photos can be very tricky as nuances in skin tones can vary depending on lighting in the photos," she said. "Every time, the sculptor has to define the exact facial and body shapes, volumes, and it's always a very complex task if we haven't met the person."

Béret explained that the Johnson figure required special attention from the museum from the beginning.

"We conducted model casting based on the dimensions of his body, and it was not an easy task because we needed to find a man who had roughly the same physique as Dwayne Johnson - 6 feet 5 inches tall and huge muscles. And we found our model at a bodybuilding club!" said Béret.

Responding to questions about allegations that the museum "whitewashed" Johnson's figure, she said that no one had thought of that.

"It has nothing to do with that — we simply made an honest mistake based on the photos we reviewed," she said. "After seeing all these reactions on various blogs and social media, we immediately rectified it."


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U.S. NEWS Matthew Perry loved pickleball and found sport key to 'solving issues with recovery' Johnson's wax figure made its debut at Grévin museum just a week ago after the "Fast & Furious" actor overwhelmingly won the museum's first Grévin Award, a prize decided by fans who choose their favorite pop culture icon for the museum to immortalize in wax.

But, as reported by Today, the light-skinned wax figure sparked outrage among Johnson's fans and drew comparisons to Mr. Clean. It took a video by comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr., comparing it to David Beckham, to prompt a response from Johnson, who announced on Instagram that his team would reach out to the Paris museum.

"You know Black Ass Samoan The Rock? Well, according to Paris, this is what he looks like," Jefferson Jr. says in the video. "They turned the Rock into gravel!... It looks like the Rock has never seen the sun a day in his life... You're making the Rock look like David Beckham. It looks like the Rock is going to be part of the royal family. Did you even Google him?"

In addition to reposting Jefferson Jr.'s video, Johnson wrote on Instagram that he wants Grévin to work on "updating" my wax figure, adding some important details and improvements — starting with the color of my skin. However, Johnson doesn't seem too upset about it, stating that the next time he's in Paris, he'll drop by the museum for a drink.